GLOBAL Hydro produces 100% with green energy


We are very proud to be part of a sustainable future! According to our energy provider in Austria we are operating our factory and facility 100% green.

It is part of our vision which states “With our responsible management of the natural resource water, we positively contribute to our planet’s future - and ensure a livable environment for upcoming generations through innovative solutions.” to think and act in sustainable solutions. Therefore, all our components for the turbines, which are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in Austria, are produced exclusively with the use of renewable energy.

Our energy provider “Energie AG” confirmed the following Energy-Mix:

82,82% Hydropower

9,22% Wind energy

5,03% Biomass solid

1,03% Biogas

1,88% Photovoltaic

0,03% other eco energy

We are your partner for sustainable and innovative solutions!