GLOBAL Hydro Power Plants in operation worldwide

Here you find a full list from our deliverd turbines since 2002, itemized in following types:

FRANCIS Turbines

Different from the Kaplan-Turbine the Francis-Turbine is a type of turbine, where the water flows radial from the outside inward and sluices axial. Only the wicket gate can be adjusted, therefore it is particularly used with power plants which have a relative constant discharge.

KAPLAN Turbines

Kaplan Turbines are impeller-turbines, where the runner turns in the water flow like a ship´s propeller. Runner blades and wicket gate are designed adjustable, to ensure an adaption to an unsteady water level and a changing head. These turbines are mostly used in run-of-river power stations.

PELTON Turbines

The Pelton Turbine is a type of turbine, which reminds of a tradtional water wheel regarding appearance and mode of operation. The water is conducted through nozzles to the Pelton-cups, is being deflected for almost 180 degrees and releases its energy almost completely to the turbine. This turbine is used at sites featuring high heads up to about 1000 m and low quantities of water, it is the typcial type for plants in high mountains or for reservoir power stations.