Our Vision

We are renowned worldwide in the field of hydropower technology. Our customers put their trust in us because we offer sustainable package solutions for a plant’s entire life cycle. With our responsible management of the natural resource water, we positively contribute to our planet’s future - and ensure a liveable environment for upcoming generations through innovative solutions.

The passion for hydropower is in our DNA

GLOBAL Hydro is a recognised, competent partner for hydropower with innovative products and a successful worldwide operation. Hydropower is the only truly competitive form of renewable energy. Moreover, it significantly contributes to independent, sustainable power supply. Gilbert Frizberg's great-grandfather already understood this and poured his heart and soul into converting hydropower to electric energy. The cross-generational passion of the Frizberg family for hydropower on the one hand and the experience of the GLOBAL Hydro employees on the other hand merged and has become the present-day foundation on which the dynamic company is built. The passion for hydropower has been the driving force with which GLOBAL Hydro established itself as a globally recognised turbine and technology provider for hydropower plants. "And hydropower will remain our passion in the future," says partner Gilbert Frizberg.

Dr. Gilbert Frizberg:

"Hydropower ensures an emission-free, sustainable future and is our passion."

Our mission

We grow together with our customers based on our innovative technological competence and the claim to always seek out the optimal solution.

We inspire the world – from Austria

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe and flows through more countries than any other. GLOBAL Hydro's location along this major river has become an essential part of the company's philosophy and also symbolises its international orientation. As an independent Austrian company, GLOBAL Hydro presently operates as an integrated system supplier. GLOBAL Hydro, a flexible company with international experience, offers its customers the advantages of a powerful symbiosis based on the good feeling that comes from generating electricity from hydropower, continuous further development and many years of expertise and experience.

Quote from Heinz Peter Knaß :

"Creating a long-term partnership with our client, based on their trust in us, defines the heart of our company philosophy "