Our Vision

We are renowned worldwide in the field of small hydropower technology. Our customers put their trust in us because we offer sustainable package solutions for a plant’s entire life cycle. With our responsible management of the natural resource, water we positively contribute to our planet’s future- and ensure a liveable environment for coming generations through innovative solutions.

The passion for hydropower is in our DNA

It all started more than 100 years ago with a small-scale turbine production on the Danube. Today, GLOBAL Hydro is a recognised, competent partner for hydropower with innovative products and a successful worldwide operation. Hydropower is the only truly competitive form of renewable energy. Moreover, it significantly contributes to independent, sustainable power supply. Gilbert Frizberg's great-grandfather already understood this 115 years ago as he poured his heart and soul into converting hydropower to electric energy. The cross-generational passion of the Frizberg family for hydropower and the experience of GLOBAL Hydro over many decades merged and has become the present-day foundation on which the dynamic company is built. Since the beginning, the passion for hydropower has been the driving force with which GLOBAL Hydro established itself as a globally recognised turbine and technology provider for small-scale hydropower plants. "And hydropower will remain our passion in the future," says partner Gilbert Frizberg.

Dr. Gilbert Frizberg:

"Hydropower ensures an emission-free, sustainable future and is our passion."