Francis turbine – the ‘jack of all trades’.

Francis turbines are the most common type of turbines since they are flexible and can be used in the most varied settings. James B. Francis developed this turbinetype in 1849 and named it after himself. Francis turbines are used for medium net heads and flow rates.

The best-selling GLOBAL Hydro version

GLOBAL Hydro offers Francis turbines as spiral or open-flume turbines. Depending on the requirements, the turbine / generator shaft can be horizontal or vertical . The most common version is the spiral turbine with its runner directly coupled to the generator and positioned horizontally. The advantages are reduced production and maintenance costs. The compact construction reduces the mounting dimensions and thus the total volume of the construction project.

Furthermore, GLOBAL Hydro possesses a patent for independent guide vane reset after removing foreign objects.

Driven by potable or waste water, even crude oil

Since its inception, GLOBAL Hydro has been offering Francis turbines that cannot only be run with water from rivers or reservoir lakes, but also with potable water, waste water and even crude oil lately.

Output range

GLOBAL Hydro’s Francis turbines have an output range of 100 kW to 25 MW per unit. This covers net heads of up to 250 m.

The runners have diameters of up to 2,000 mm.

This turbine is also available in a SmarT version

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