HEROS – intelligent and safe.

Rest assured your power plants controls are in safe hands! HEROS, the fully automated turbine and plant control system with display system and SCADA system by GLOBAL Hydro lets you sleep tight.

With its HEROS, GLOBAL Hydro offers a standardised software solution that can be individually tailored to the requirements and specifications of your power plant in its functions.

HEROS – more than just a turbine governor

HEROS is a fully automated turbine and plant control system with incorporated visualisation and SCADA system. Operational parameters can be directly configured on site at the power plant with our standardised software solution. Thus, the intelligent control system goes far beyond the basic tasks of a conventional turbine governor.

HEROS was developed for greatest possible flexibility according to the following principles:


Optimizing the efficiency and wearing of the power plant is an important function to ensure low maintenance costs and an high output of the turbine. To enhance the output of the power plant a smart algorithm – called water-split-up-function – is used. The overall system knows the efficiency curve of each turbine and the current available water amount, the algorithm decides how to split the available water to the turbines in order to gain a maximum output.


The digital maintenance logbook enables investors to trace scheduled maintenance works and helps the operators by reminding them on upcoming technical services. HEROS offers a digital documentation of the maintenance and a wide range of evaluation and analysing tools to check and improve the operation of the plant. Reports inform investors and operators periodically and automatically about the power plant performance over a predefined period.


HEROS – Solution

Areas of application:

  • Hydro power plant automation from inlet to grid connection
  • Automation of Kaplan, Francis and Pelton turbines
  • Intake and substation automation
  • Operation of power plants in rural areas

Example of a 3D allocation and optimised multiple system load distribution:

  • Rate-optimised feed on a calendar basis guarantees your plant’s maximum profit.
  • Connection of hydraulic steel construction controls.

Example of the visualisation of a hydraulic steel construction including camera feed:

  • Communication with other systems via Modbus TCP/IP, DNP3.0, IEC60870-5-10

Benefits of HEROS:

  • Control and management of the entire power plant
  • Connection and monitoring of many plants worldwide with modern and top of the art IoT technology
  • Increase of the plant efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance (automatically scheduling of maintenance works)
  • Monitoring by specialists of GLOBAL Hydro possible (maintenance package is required)



HEROS - Mix and Match

All HEROS software tools can be installed on various hardware platforms in different configuration levels. Thus, the system allows for cost-optimised upgrading with all-in controller hardware all the way to multiple controllers combined with the data base servers of every configuration level. HEROS guarantees the right solution for all power plant requirements.

HEROS - smarT

HEROS smarT offers customers a cost-optimized HEROS solution for small hydropower plant equipment. The control software offers the same functionality as the premium software. Customers can access the plant visualization via a user-friendly multi-touch display in the power plant. HEROS smarT is also used for GLOBAL Hydros’ compact turbine solution smarT.

HEROS - Premium

HEROS Premium is the full turbine controller version with a stand-alone visualisation software module. The SCADA system is installed on one or several PCs and touch panel displays in the power plant’s network. Thus, the SCADA visualisation can be accessed at the control cabinet in the control centre or even at the inlet. With integrated functions such as a calendar, reporting system, data base archiving and maintenance logbook, the premium version allows for a comprehensive analysis of your plant data.

Whip your old plant back into shape!

Simple customization of hard- and software elements to various plant situations makes HEROS an optimum system to revitalise your old plant. For further information, please contact our Service Department.


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