HEROS Connect – Your powerplant in your pocket.

HEROS Connect is an IoT SCADA system which allows the investor, plant owner or operator to control, monitor and analyse all connected power plants on one common platform. To enable the platform to monitor different power plants at once, each power plant is sending it’s telemetry datas, historical values as well as notifications to a Microsoft Azure cloud. See our explain video.

The visualisation is designed as a responsive website which is optimized for mobile and desktop devices. The website allows a secure and comfortable visualization without installing an App or creating an uncomfortable VPN connection to the plant. 

HEROS Connect provides an overview of all plants on one screen. The overview illustrates the most important values: 

  • Current power output of each plant
  • Total power output of all plants
  • Failure state
  • Connectivity
  • Operational status of the plant

HEROS Connect – Solution

  • Local independent visualization of telemetry data and historical values in real time
  • Error handling and notifications
  • Comfortable, comprehensive power plant and user management

Benefits of HEROS Connect:

  • Control, supervise and evaluate all your plants on one platform
  • Easy and worldwide access to your plant 
  • For HEROS and non HEROS automated plants
  • Optimized for mobile devices

For optimal support of HEROS Connect you need a fully automated SCADA system. HEROS offers you the required components - no matter from which manufacturer you have your hydropower plant. For more information please do not hesitate to contact our service department.

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