The Kaplan turbine: world-famous and highly efficient. 

Named after its ingenious Austrian inventor, Victor Kaplan, this turbine still characterises state-of-the-art hydro power technology all over the world. After Kaplan had developed his turbine on the basis of the Francis turbine, he presented it to the public for the first time in 1913. A technical innovation that is still on exhibit at the Vienna Museum of Technology.

High levels of efficiency & wide range of application

What makes the Kaplan turbine special is its extremely high efficiency. It also offers a wide range of possible applications. This high level of flexibility is made possible by the runner blades’ and guide vanes’ double regulation. It is especially suitable for large water volumes and low net heads and can therefore also be used in run-of-the-river power plants on larger rivers.

Tailored to your power plant!

GLOBAL Hydro offers different versions of Kaplan turbines. Equipped with three, four, five or six blades, GLOBAL Hydro optimally adjusts them to your particular requirements. These Kaplan turbines put out a maximum of 15 MW per unit.

Turbine options in detail:

Kaplan spiral turbine
Is commonly used for relatively higher net heads. Depending on requirements, GLOBAL Hydro manufactures the spiral case from steel or concrete. Depending on the size of your power plant, we offer horizontal and vertical versions.

Kaplan open flume turbine
GLOBAL Hydro designs the inlet area with concrete. This version is usually used in large run-of-the-river power plants and we offer it as half or full spiral turbine.

Kaplan tubular turbine
Without a doubt the most versatile of all Kaplan turbines. GLOBAL Hydro offers it in various versions for example as Pit turbine.

This turbine is also available in a SmarT version.

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