Countless hydropower plants run with GLOBAL Hydro products to the full satisfaction of their operators. From Francis, Kaplan and Pelton turbines, the intelligent HEROS3 turbine governor to smarT fully assembled power plant solutions – our products are the result of GLOBAL Hydro’s long-standing experience as well as state-of-the-art production technology and quality standards that meet the expectations of customers all over the world. One of GLOBAL Hydro’s special expertises is the combination of Francis and Pelton turbines. This option ensures optimum generation even at varying flow rates.

Product Overview

Francis Turbine GLOBAL Hydro

Francis turbine

Francis turbine – the ‘jack of all trades’. Francis turbines are the most common type of turbines since they are flexible and can be used in the most varied settings. James B. Francis developed this turbinetype in 1849 and named it after himself. Francis turbines are used for medium net heads and flow rates. The best-selling GLOBAL Hydro version GLOBAL Hydro offers Francis turbines as spiral...

Pelton Turbine Overview GLOBAL Hydro

Pelton turbine

Pelton turbine – sturdy and long-lasting. Did you know that – due to their functioning principle – Pelton turbines are also referred to as impulse turbines? It utilises the water’s kinetic energy and visually reminds one of a classic water wheel. Lester Pelton patented the turbine named after himself in 1880. Pelton turbines are excellently suited for very high net heads and relatively low...

kaplanturbine vorschau

Kaplan turbine

The Kaplan turbine: world-famous and highly efficient.  Named after its ingenious Austrian inventor, Victor Kaplan, this turbine still characterises state-of-the-art hydro power technology all over the world. After Kaplan had developed his turbine on the basis of the Francis turbine, he presented it to the public for the first time in 1913. A technical innovation that is still on exhibit at the...

Herso3 Overview


HEROS3 – intelligent and safe. Rest assured your power plants controls are in safe hands! HEROS3, the fully automated turbine and plant control system with display system and SCADA system by GLOBAL Hydro lets you sleep tight. With its HEROS3, GLOBAL Hydro offers a standardised software solution that can be individually tailored to the requirements and specifications of your power plant in its...