The smarT way to generate Power

Top quality and intelligent standard modules in combination with the greatest possible degree of pre-assembly: smarT, the perfect product for the lower power range.


smarT is an economic turbine concept for outputs of up to approx. 1 MW. For the customer, smarT’s greatest benefit lies in reducing the total costs of a power station project in order to ensure optimal amortisation even in case of low energy prices. The use of high-quality materials and precise manufacturing ensures a long lifecycle for the turbine as well as high yields. The smarT power station is fully assembled at the factory and can be easily and quickly set up and commissioned on site. The intelligent HEROS software has been integrated to ensure a fully automated control of the system. Available in the following options: mounted on a frame and as a solution mounted in a container.


The container option replaces the power house and – compared to the standard concept of the smarT mounted on a frame – offers the highest possible degree of pre-assembly. This reduces the installation efforts on the construction site to a minimum – concrete foundations and a mobile crane are enough to install and commission the mobile container solution and its equipment in a few days. The container solution yields further advantages such as cost reduction and the possibility of leasing. In a modular fashion, the system can be extended by additional containers at any time. This allows for investment costs to be scaled more easily. However, there is another intelligent solution for all those who want to use smarT in isolated operation. smarT-Container can be combined with solar modules or battery storage which allows an even better optimized use.

Benefits of a smarT-Powerplant

  • Fast delivery time
  • Cost reduction by up to 50 %
  • Simple and fast transport
  • Easy installation at site
  • System monitoring and operation via remote maintenance with HEROS
  • Leasable, mobile construction
  • Modular extension possible
  • Ecological, ‘green’ energy
  • Economical and environmentally compatible solution

Areas of application of smarT

  • Hydropower stations from 100 kW to 1 MW
  • Revitalisation
  • Residual water power station
  • Low water power station (winter operation)
  • Isolated operation
  • Auxiliary power supply
  • Micro grids (industrial use, mining)
  • Rural electrification in remote areas and islands 


Have a look if your project qualifies for smarT. Use our Turbinecalculator.

You can find more information about our turbine and plant automation system HEROS here.