smarT – GLOBAL Hydro’s fully assembled PLUG-IN power plant solution

smarT offers many advantages: latest technology, intelligent construction, premium quality and guaranteed safety. Fully assembled at the factory, this plant can be easily and quickly set up and commissioned on site. GLOBAL Hydro’s intelligent HEROS3 software has been integrated to ensure fully automated system controls. This enables the customer to generate a optimum power output under all conditions!

Long-lasting, sturdy & profitable

The use of high-quality materials and its sturdy construction ensure a long turbine lifetime as well as maximum profits. It is great value for money for our customers.


GLOBAL Hydro offers smarT in Francis, Pelton and Kaplan versions. Using the smarT concept, these turbine types can be designed to put out up to 1 MW. Employing high-precision production technology, GLOBAL Hydro manufactures the turbine’s core components at its Niederranna location.