Micro grid solutions

Not just turbines but energy supply system solutions are in demand in areas without an existing grid, mostly in emerging countries but also in remote areas without adequate infrastructure.

These regions across the world exhibit an enormous, fast-growing demand for network-independent solutions, which requires a change in thinking towards decentralised energy supply: Micro grids. Hybrid Energy by GLOBAL Hydro is such a ready-to-use total package for electric power supply including financing models as well as expertise for operation, training and service. These systems can be maintained remotely and are installed, operated and maintained by certified, local partners. Their compact, pre-installed setup as a container solution offers a high degree of flexibility, mobility and the shortest possible construction time.

Electric energy is of paramount importance in increasing the quality of life and economic development of rural areas. GLOBAL Hydro offers a solution that can be implemented quickly and easily.

Depending on hydrological conditions and requirements, GLOBAL Hydro can offer, produce and supply the right turbine with the best-possible efficiency. If required, this Austrian quality product is also available as a turn-key solution.


  1. Ecological, ‘green’ energy
  2. Economical and environmentally compatible solution
  3. Simple and fast transport
  4. Simple and fast installation
  5. Plant monitoring and control via remote maintenance

The turbine can be installed in a container, representing the most cost-efficient solution to connect remote areas possessing hydropower to the international economy. The entire equipment fits into a standard 20-ft container and can thus be transported to its destination easily via lorry or even helicopter.

Fields of application

  • On and off grid hydropower generation
  • Substitutes non-ecological power supply systems (such as Diesel generators ...)
  • Power supply for rural areas without an electrical grid
  • Power supply for remote tourism regions, offering guests some comfort
  • Construction site power supply
  • Power supply for newly built industrial areas