A hydropower plant has an expected life cycle of more than 50 years. GLOBAL Hydro supports its customers in keeping their plants running for a maximum amount of time. GLOBAL Hydro thereby focusses on customer-oriented optimisation including new construction, repairs and the preservation of used plant elements as spare parts.

Our specialists create concepts focussing not only on the replacement of the entire plant but also on repairs and the optimisation of the existing plant. This is why, often, we don’t have to replace the entire turbine. Using state-of-the-art replacement runners and automation upgrades, GLOBAL Hydro brings the plant up to the latest state of technology.

In order to sustainably refurbish the plants in a cost-optimised and customer-oriented manner, we create overall concepts to refurbish several machines after one another to sustainably ensure the customer plants’ cost-optimised and contemporary operation.

In our refurbishment concepts, we not only consider new runners, turbine components and controls but also generator refurbishment or replacement, entire hydraulic steel construction elements and other power plant components.

Thus, we guarantee our customer plants’ sustainable cost-optimised performance and contemporary operation.