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Thomas Sageder

Area Sales Manager

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With great power comes great responsibility.

From a social and environmental point of view, investment strategies today are unthinkable without hydropower. Not only do hydropower plants have a measurably positive effect on our climate. With our small-plant solutions, we as GLOBAL Hydro deliver power even to the remotest places.

The future of power supply needs us.

The world's energy consumption has to become sustainable for us and future generations. We are ready to go.

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The social superpower of hydropower.

We are convinced of the fact, that every human deserves access to electric power. That is one reason for constant innovation at GLOBAL Hydro.

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Livelihoods depend on our responsible governance.

Our employees around the world are our most valuable asset. Conversely, each individual can trust that leadership is taken serious at GLOBAL Hydro.

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Adapting to local conditions

Our holistic project planning always takes surrounding factors into account, as to least disturb the local environment.

Vital to network stability

The world can't only rely on solar panels and windmills. It takes hydropower to keep the power network stable.

Investing into a century

Hydropower technology is reliable and for thinking long-term. The scope of investment is 80 to 100 years.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Switching to renewable energy sources is key to reaching the UN Sustainable Development goals. Let us seize this opportunity together!

Today's decisions define our future.

We at GLOBAL Hydro are aware of the responsibility to take good care of the environment. It’s not enough to be in the hydropower business. There is always something to improve to make our products and services even more environmentally friendly.

Our solutions are for everybody.

Bringing power to people is our passion. We especially embrace chances to support very remote places with our solutions. Being such a reliable energy source, hydropower can be the difference not only environmentally, but also socially.

Leading the way into the future.

It is important to us at GLOBAL Hydro that not only the needs of our customers are met. We know that good governance is the best insurance for our future. That is why we offer our employees the best trainings, support their goals as far as possible and give them their space to develop, making the best out of their talents.

Unleash the power of communication.

If you have any further questions or want more detailed information, our specialists are here to help. Simply get in touch using the contact details listed here.

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Ewald Karl

Director of Sales

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