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Passion for hydropower is in our DNA.

GOBAL Hydro is a leader in the field of hydropower plant technology. Our employees are driven by their passion for hydropower, always working team- and solution-oriented. As experts in hydropower, we have the experience and motivation to innovate, think digital and in long-terms to find sustainable solutions for our generation and those to come.

The perfect lifecycle-partner.

GLOBAL Hydro offers full service throughout the lifecycle of hydropower plants including the design and supply of plant equipment.

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The perfect international team.

Our team is spread across the globe. Our experienced experts are solution oriented and find innovative solutions for our customers. 

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The perfect place to learn.

A big part of our success is based on the people that work at GLOBAL Hydro. For this, we established the GLOBAL Academy to continuously train our employees for excellence. 

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Leading the way. The Management Board.

We are devoted to being the technology leader in the fields relevant to our industry.

Heinz Peter Knass

"We think digitally in everything we do but focus on the people who are the core of our business."

Richard Frizberg

"We don't just follow existing paths, we also make our own. Boldly, while looking ahead!”

Bernhard Kodré

“We are giants in compact solutions and we prove it every day – around the world.”

We are experts working together as one team. 

As a global team, we are constantly improving the efficiency and safety of hydropower plants by optimizing the design, implementation processes and operation services. This is how GLOBAL Hydro maintains to be a technical leader of the field. We keep our quality and safety standards high, be it in development, engineering, commissioning, monitoring and refurbishment.

Excellence across the globe.

The people working at GLOBAL Hydro understand the importance of our industry for shaping a sustainable future and are ever striving towards excellence in everything they do. This is how we can turn the customer’s visions into our mission.

Encouraging personal growth.

We are proud to have created a working environment, in which constant learning and improving is encouraged. To further nourish this cultural aspect in our company, we created the GLOBAL Academy. It comprises training videos for employees, partners and customers. It is also a platform for qualifications as well as webinars and e-learning tools.

Executing digital innovation.

Inspired by the natural force of water, we implement innovation processes to digitalize and generally set new standards in our field. This is manifested in our Hydro Lab that operates in cooperation with renowned scientific institutions. Here we execute innovation projects, product development, cost optimization, prototyping, model testing and development of measuring technology. This is how we uphold our technology leadership and expertise in the production of core components (e.g. runners) and innovation in production engineering.

Experience the whole lifecycle.

GLOBAL Hydro offers a holistic approach towards designing, constructing, operating, maintaining and refurbishing hydropower plants. Thus, we see ourselves as your lifecycle partner. Our customers profit from long lasting partnerships and are the first to experience our cutting-edge technology and other innovations.

Our quality standards are certified.

Our solutions stand for the highest quality. Therefore, Integrated Management Systems (IMS) are a key component of our processes. As one of the few companies we meet all three standards of IMS and are therefore certified and prepared for future challenges.


  • Quality Management Systems ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems ISO 45001

Unleash the power of communication.

If you have any further questions or want more detailed information, our specialists are here to help. Simply get in touch using the contact details listed here.

Contact Person

Ewald Karl

Director of Sales

+43 7285 514 0018