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Roland Fleischmann

Head of Revitalization

+43 (7285) 514 0055

Optimizing your power plant during operation.

Our revitalization specialists develop concepts focusing on optimizing costs and keeping the plant’s downtime to a minimum. GLOBAL Hydro does not only restore, but improves performance by integrating state-of-the-art technology and digitalization.

Sustainable and cost optimized revitalizing.

We believe that it is possible to reach ecological and economic goals at the same time. That is our basic approach to revitalizing a hydropower plant.

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We keep your energy production running.

Revitalizing concepts of GLOBAL Hydro include minimizing the downtime of the plant.

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Upgrading power plants for the future.

We add value to every revitalization project with our digital solutions. By automating certain processes we can increase efficiency while ensuring safe operation.

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Reduction of maintenance and repairs

Hydropower plants that were revitalized by GLOBAL Hydro are more cost-efficient. Especially ongoing maintenance and repair costs are reduced.

Optimizing the general design

When considering upgrading a plant, we also question the design. It may just be, that certain designs are outdated or not fit for the future.

Get to know your plant again

Revitalizing and updating a plant also means installing new technology and digitalizing processes. That is why we offer special training for plant operators.

Constant monitoring and improving

We pay close attention to every step of the revitalizing process. If something should not be going according to plan, we can react immediately.

Sustainability that pays off.

Prolonging the life cycle of a hydropower plant is sustainable in itself. We take it a step further and upgrade your plant to be sustainable and cost efficient. Thus, we optimize the performance and ecological benefit at the same time. This requires a comprehensive concept, which our specialists develop in cooperation with our customers.

Keeping plants on the grid.

Revitalization does not have to mean shutting down energy production all together. Our specialists figure out ways to keep the plant operating and feeding power to the grid. Our concepts are created to revitalize one machine after another and not all at the same time. This keeps downtimes – if any – to an absolute minimum.

Digital and state-of-the-art.

What may have been the best solution in the past, is not necessarily state-of-the-art anymore. That is why we assess all design concepts, used technologies, and implement updates where needed. With our expertise in digitalizing hydropower plants, the most efficiency is gained by preparing the facilities for our state-of-the-art power plant control-system HEROS.

Unleash the power of communication.

If you have any further questions or want more detailed information, our specialists are here to help. Simply get in touch using the contact details listed here.

Contact Person

Ewald Karl

Director of Sales

+43 7285 514 0018