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Ewald Karl

Director of Sales

+43 7285 514 0018

Turning your plant into a digital native.

Starting with your vision, GLOBAL Hydro is your partner to support you from planning, detailed design, overseeing construction and laying the groundwork for the operational management with digital commissioning. We understand digitalization as a chance to facilitate the entire lifecycle of a customer's hydropower plant.

The only contact you need to power the future.

Our project managers are well trained, experienced and supported by digital innovations to offer you holistic 1:1 service around the world.

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Your turn-key-solution implemented to perfection.

From design to commissioning our experts guide you through the entire life cycle. Using the newest technology, they ensure highest efficiency.

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Your partner for maximum efficiency.

Our digital systems are state-of-the-art and support our experts in every phase. They ensure safety and efficiency through optimally monitoring and managing your plant.

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Engineering the future

Optimizing the geometry regarding the local conditions, we use the latest 3D-CAD systems or ongoing model testing, to engineer your power plant.

Detailed production

Our production processes ensure the highest quality for the optimal life span of your plant. We use innovations such as additive manufacturing to continue being at the forefront of the industry.

Managing hydropower

Our best-in-class engineers are supported by state-of-the-art digital solutions.

Digital commissioning

We have developed a dual commissioning process to increase flexibility and ensure smooth plant operation.

Discover our turn-key-solutions.

We are the agile and smart specialist you need for your hydropower plant. As technology leader, we harness the power of water and digitalization to get the maximum output, while ensuring safety. Our projects start with our digitally supported designing processes. As a partner we guide you through all milestones along the way. From designing your vision to refurbishment.

Experience perfected project management.

Together with you, we assign one account manager that will guide you through all processes and beyond. This is our one-voice-to-the-customer principle to secure smooth implementation anytime – anywhere.

We assist you from design to commissioning.

GLOBAL Hydro is the expert in achieving the optimal design of your power plant through the digital approach, while focusing on highest efficiency, quality and keeping all local needs in mind. Our process is thereby digitally supported in every step using 3D-CAD visualizations, state-of-the-art production techniques, including 5-axes machines and additive manufacturing.

Welcome to next level monitoring.

Our digital systems make it possible to monitor and manage your plant from practically anywhere in the world. Our trained team oversees your plant’s data at all times and can intervene to keep efficiency and safety on the highest level.

Our refurbishing always adds value.

As part of our holistic approach, we are not only experts in the construction of digital power plants, but also in refurbishing them. Our experts develop concepts to replace entire systems or to repair and optimize them. This is not only our contribution to making the world more sustainable, but also save our customers time and money.

We construct the future with Hybrid Energy. 

Shaping the future of energy also means providing special solutions. With our Hybrid Energy concept, we offer economically sensible hydropower plants that can be implemented quickly. Thus, we have found a way to lower amortization, while still using high-quality materials and production. This enables us to set up your plant also in very remote areas.

Unleash the power of communication.

If you have any further questions or want more detailed information, our specialists are here to help. Simply get in touch using the contact details listed here.

Contact Person

Ewald Karl

Director of Sales

+43 7285 514 0018