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Contact Person

Georgios Vavaroutsos

General Manager Global Hydro S.A.S.

Welcome to Colombia

GLOBAL Hydro Colombia S.A.S is one of the most important companies in the sector for small hydro solutions. In Latin-American we have our headquarters in Medellin, Colombia. We don’t sell projects we development them together with our clients using latest technology available and steadily developing ideas for the future.

Special experience

In Latin-America we supply more than 25 countries with small hydro business solutions. In Colombia we have already built two projects and supplied runners:

Small hydro / Project: PCH Puente Guillermo
  • Client: IC Asesorias

  • Location: Peunte Nacional, Santander

  • 3,6 MW Francis solution W2W
Small hydro/ Project: PCH Rio Recio III
  • Client: Vatia

  • Location: Lerida, Tolima

  • 1 MW Kaplan solution EPC
Runners / Project: PCH Tamesis
  • Client: EPM

Service and competencies

In Colombia for LATAM we offer the following competences:
  • Costumer Services
  • Maintenances
  • OCA or monitoring room for each power plant
  • Troubleshooting
  • Project development
  • RECs negotiation


GLOBAL Hydro Colombia

Carrera 42 # 3 Sur – 81, Ed. Milla de Oro – Torre 1, Piso 15
050022 Medellín